Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Somehow, on Sunday evening while I was at work, Louis broke his little baby leg. Tina called me around 8 or so and said he was acting "in pain" after she retrieved him from being baby-sat by a friend. The babysitter didn't have a clue over what might have happened, which was, to say the least, utterly frustrating. According to the doctor at urgent care, Louis has a fracture in his lower fibula and he needs a cast for at least a few weeks. The little guy is bummed out, but he seems to be taking it in stride. Rats! He was having so much fun walking. Tomorrow, he goes to his regular doctor's office to get checked out and we'll see what they prescribe.


mrs random said...

Poor Louis! And poor you guys! How scary! May he heal well and quickly! Kids are pretty good at that. Speaking personally, I had casts on both my legs when I was between 1 and 2 years old, to correct a problem causing me to walk pidgeon-toed. As I understand it, it didn't slow me down much. I expect he'll roll right through this. Hang in there, you guys!

Laura said...

I'm so sorry about Louie's leg and I hope he regains full use of it very soon. He looks cute in his cast!
When I was three, I was riding in a kid's seat on the back of my dad's bicycle. I remember making a conscious decision to find out what would happen if I stuck my leg in the bike's spokes. It turns out that it will break your leg. My parents were pissed!
Not to defend the babysitter at all, she should have been more aware of what happened, but kids do experiment.

Anonymous said...

I hope Louie heals quick,Ed. Olivia was in a truss rig thing for over a month. Kids normally do heal fast tho, He does kind of look comfortable in his cast....I hope he gets better quick,and it doesnt start to itch too bad and again, all my best to you and yours.