Friday, July 25, 2008

I went to see the Melvins play at John Henry's last night, along with my friends Slayer Carl and Gobbles. I arrived late, so I missed the majority of the Melvins' set, but what I did see was delightful - about 3 sludge-y songs plus a guttural version of the Star-Spamgled Banner. Here is an excerpt of that song:

Melvins/Star-Spangled Banner excerpt from Ed Cole on Vimeo.
The crowd was an interesting mix of rock fans from Eugene/Springfield area. I love seeing different people that I've nver seen at show before, and wondering what brought them there. It's always a social scene melting pot of hipsters, un-hipsters, grimy people with appearance attributes that would lend one to believe that they might use heavy drugs, clean cut wussies that squeeze right into the fray and get an up-close looksy. All types, I tell ya.

Life is still good, ya. We've been listening to the newer Gogol Bordello cd around the house and I like that quite a bit. Later, we go to one of Cosmo's last baseball games this season and then, later still I go down to Sam Bond's Garage to play a show around 10. Busy, normal, happy, typingcoffeelaundry oops! Now it's time for second lunch.


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michaelnik33 said...

Have you heard Harvey Milk yet? Good shit. Melvins-esque and fucking heavy.