Saturday, November 03, 2007

Uz Jsme Doma at WOW Hall 11/01/2007 from Ed Cole on Vimeo.

I had a great time at Uz Jsme Doma a few nights back at the WOW Hall. I am a total geek for my favorite Czech band. It was sad to me that there were only about 25 other folks in attendance, but I always come away from an UJD show feeling inspired and re-charged. Next time, don't be a rock slacker - turn off the television, smash your iphone and go and see them when they pass through your town.

(Capillary Action in action)

I also enjoyed the experimental jazz splatter-rock of CapillaryAction, from Philadelphia, PA. Great arrangements and playing on guitar, drums, keys and voice. They reminded me very much of Mr. Bungle musically; they generally sounded like neo-rockers that perhaps had collided with a busload of avant-guard classicists and then fell off of a cliff and violently landed on a station-wagon full of stoned be-boppers. Not too shabby in my seldom-to-be-humble opinion-especially for a mere three-piece.

Yay for music!


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RK said...

I am for sure not a rock star, so that leaves slacker. Shit, ok I just don't pay attention. If I had I would have gone because I've never seen this band and I know how awesome they are s'posed to be...