Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The baby is asleep; time to blog!

I am stoked to be going into the studio with my boys on Saturday and Sunday. We've been practicing hard, working out the loose ends of our tune-age. I think the coolest thing about being in a band is just working with other people. Creating music is a collaborative art-form. The music is really just a by-product of the personality mesh of the membership of the band. Think of any band that has had a membership change. Did the music not dramatically change, at least in some way? Joy Division to New Order. Sex Pistols to PIL. Beatles to post-Beatles. Miles Davis to ...Miles Davis. The personalities and the co-workmanship, that's the cool shit.

Okay, enough metaphysical B.S. I had a friend at work tell me that he bought a working 1948 Fender Deluxe amp at a garage sale for $20, which he promptly turned around and sold on ebay for some obscene sum of money. I'm still not sure I even believe the story, but if it's true...makes me think, "Why not me?" Just once, it would be cool to find that rare piece of gear at a garage sale and just KEEP IT and make music with it. Oh well, better luck next weekend.

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Matt Bier said...

Hey EdHead, Matt Bier here. Chadbourne if fucking groovy. What the hell was that? A rake, vaccuum, wire, Amplified piece of whoop-ass? Insperation.

Allways a treat Ed.

Matt Bier