Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Another day in the life. I feel like werk is taking a toll on any and all artistic pursuits, but for the time being, I'm liking the added stability of a reliable paycheck.

Ovulators are practicing and screaming and laughing in the basement. The weather has been sunny and conducive to wine and rock and roll.

I haven't worked on my latest batch of recorded material this week, but I have been checking out cool tascam reeel to reel recorders on ebay for fun and fantasy. You can get such great, albeit "outdated" analog equipment for a steal these days. What used to cost $2000 now cost $200. All these chumps are buying the newest fab digital computer gear for recording and are leaving piles of classy analog tape machines unused in closets and storage. I figure it's like old cars or garbage - it already exists, it's never going away, so why not use and utilize? I have a fantasy album brewing in my head and may you all fall victim to it.

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