Thursday, April 20, 2006

Things are the same - I feel as though I am looking out of some "eyes" that are part of a "body" that the essence that is me is inhabiting. Apparently, I am still here in the "world" doing some "things". Eating, drinking, shitting, pissing, working, ingesting substances, talking to other inhabited "bodies". It's been alright.

I'm operating off of an ancient 1998 graphics card at the moment. My windows xp computer is rejecting it, so I've got only limited CRT viewing capabilities until payday. If I were to tell you what else I have been up to, I would say:

Went to see Dinosaur Jr on Tuesday night at the WOW hall. $23 each.(!) I felt like a shmuck, pony'ing up that much cash for a band that I only marginally like, BUT, I really did it to see my friends in Dan Jones & the Squids open up the show and to hang out with many other meat-people-with-brains-and-souls. Dino Jr were good - the original line up is most tolerable. Lou Barlow really makes the band see much more friendly and open. In the past, I've thumbed my nose at J.Mascis' aloofness and guitar wankery. This night, they sounded awesome, and I was inspired to stay for at least four songs.

Then we almost got mugged outside by some trashy-lookin' thugs, but we escaped and made it home.

the end.


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