Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Sup, fiddy cent. Holla!

It's been awhile 'tween posts, but that's how it goes. As reported by Sleeve and others, the record convention at the Eugene Hilton was a total blast on Sunday. I went with Cosmo and saw many, many friends from all areas of my work and music life, all amassed together and buying and/or selling records. My personal list of LPs reads like this:

1. Kraftwerk "Autobahn" - the record I've wanted since I first heard it when I was 17 or so.
2. Steve Miller "Book of Dreams" - yes, I know - the absolute best Steve Miller album ever with the best 70's - style pegasus on the cover.
3. Elvis Costello "My aim is True" a good copy. very pleased to finally own this one.
4. Brian Eno "Another Green World" the missing link between Eno's Roxy-Pop records and his later 70's ambient albums - another link in my personal Eno chain.
5. X "More fun in the New World" one of my all time faves and, truly, the last good X album ever.
6.Cure "Head on the Door" - I got this for Tina, but it's one of my HS era favorites.
7. The Kinks "Greatest Hits Vol. 2" on Pye records - My Kinks collection is lacking - in fact, this is the start of it. Early hits - "Well Respected Man", "Tired of Waiting", etc...
8 + 9. The Doors - "Waiting for the Sun" and "The Soft Parade" - Some people will hate me for saying this, But, I LIKE THE DOORS, so go f*ck yrself.
10. Aerosmith "Toys in the Attic" Another HS fave, I think this is the only Aerosmith album I have ever liked.
11. Tom Waits "Blue Valentine" I had a mint copy of this when I was 18. I always regretted selling it at some later date. A sweet album in the old TW style, before he became Beefheart pt 2.


11. Kiss "Love Gun" - I bought this for Zookie, cuz he said it was the first record he ever bought. Happy Valentines day, Patty!

Cosmo scored on some cool vinyl, too - Van Halen 1, a choice copy of Rubber Soul for $2, a Green Day Bootleg dvd from sept. 2005 in the UK, and a few others. Proud of my boy and his good taste in tunes.

I'm going down to Luckeys later to see the Ovulators and Touchforce. See you there.


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