Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Crazy stuff, this past week. It turned out that my mom suffered a heart-attack during/after the house fire that gutted my childhood home. I visited her in the hospital in Medford last week and then had her and Ron over for a couple of days so they could recuperate in a comfy home environment. Mom seems better now and is in the process of setting up a temporary home while they get their old homestead rebuilt. Phew! Family stuff is exhausting. Glad that things are not worse.

Work stress kills me. I ended up firing someone at the job yesterday - it really sucked, because I actually liked the guy, but there were enough reasons to fire him. I hate being a hired dick sometimes.

Otherwise, things are going great. Chanteuse is playing in the basement right now, sounding mysterious and medieval. DJ Sleeve brought me over a stack of really cool records - Led Zeppelin III, a couple Eno albums, Pink Floyd Obscured by Clouds, Miles Davis In a silent way and Creedence Clearwater Revival, the one with down on the corner on it. Pretty damn cool. I love albums.

Okay, now I'm gone for coffee.


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