Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Wednesday, July 666th, 2005

I went ahead and set up a myspace page for the Pinkies - . There are download-able songs on the site and a few basic facts. If you do myspace, invite Pinkies to be yer friend, pleese. Thanks.

Everything else is abnormal as per usual. Was very sick for a week - some kind of viral throat infection/cold thing. Hated it + missed more work than I could afford. The 4th of July was fun - Tina and I had Zookie over for some BBQ and BBBEERS and then we later, just the two of us, biked down to the river bike path to view the fireworks. A nice, if slightly wobbly, evening.

I now have a digital camera - thank you, brother Darrow! I'm so far behind, I know, but it will finally be nice to upload more imagery to my various internetty pages etc...

O.K., back to real life!

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