Monday, July 25, 2005

Monday night, thank God the weekend is over - so little to do, so much time to do it in...wait, scratch that; reverse it. Had a totally killer weekend. Saturday I just pretty much kicked it with Cosmo; in the a.m. he had a baseball game down in Cottage Grove. Coz hit a homer, which was rad . My boy is turning into a great hitter right before me eyes ... Sunday, Cos, Tina. Lulu and I headed out to Brice Creek trail for a great hike and swim. Very pastoral and beautiful. Lots of other hikers and swimmers, jumping off rocks and walking their dogs, just like us. Last night's Pinkies pratice was best so far. although we were all a bit haggard from too much partying/everyday living etc... Of yeah, a dude named Levi is our new drummer; don't know his last name yet, but he is kickin' and likes to practice, so we are 3/4 the way there...the other 1/4 being a second guitarist, who already is out there somewhere but just hasn't been fully co-opted yet. Work at the guitar slavery factory went well tonight - my fingers are pretty much healed and my summertime students are starting to shred, so that is good. Alright, back to my non-digital life.



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