Friday, February 18, 2005

Hey! It's Friday, and I'm ready to continue existing. And that's final!

Work was very intense this week at the Salsa Slave Ship factory. A human that I did not like very much was fired, which made everyone I work with slightly more happy. Of course, the other result is that we all have to stay a lot longer at work and work harder. I suppose it's a trade off, but I'd rather work longer hours around nicer people rather than shorter hours around spiteful control freaks. 'nuff said...

Be sure to check out my friend Toby Van Fleet's travel blog about her travels in and around Bangkok, Thailand.

Excited about making a cup of coffee.

I scored some cool records at the annual Eugene record convention. Let's see what I got...

Ace Frehley's solo Kiss album/Jimi HEndrix "Smash Hits"/999's singles collection/Warren Zevon "Excitable Boy" / Ozzy Osbourne "Bark at the Moon"/ Dokken "Under Lock and Key"/Charles Mingus "Candid" (a weird album that is part lecture)/Cocteau Twins "Treasure"/The Swan's "Burning World"/ and Led Zepplin "Song remains the same" soundtrack. Phew! I think I'm going more 70's rock in my old age Very fun to check out the various record collector geeks - there were some waxy sights to be seen on that day.

Okay, coffee time

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