Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Hey, Humanoids - it's been some time since I've transmitted from this site. My old webpage may be ressurrected soon, but for now, I'm back in classic Atari 2600 mode. death!!!

I'm afraid all my recent posts at have been swallowed up and dumped down the digital sewer - alas, I don't think I wrote anything of importance last year anyway - it's too constricting to write as one's self all the time. I only pray that the people who care can find me in my new state.

Today was interesting in that someone who had been annoying the hell out of me at work was fired, which was of no small relief to everyone who works at the salsa-slave factory. I have another job interview tomorrow, but it's purely exploratory.

AS for any futuregigs with any conceivable musical acts - I have none. I feel like the tortoise, crawling into a friendly cave and dissappearing for a long spell, to emerge with some new sheet music in hand some other day.

Toodles for now,

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