Sunday, November 02, 2014

the twilight of humanity looms ever near

I've been enjoying my random life lately. Portland has been my home for 2.5 years at this point and the whole time I've been here I have been uber-focused on work, food and day-to-day survival. Nothing that anyone else doesn't have to deal with, but damn, I have a hard time maximizing my social and band lives vs my work and overall family prosperity. Music is lurching into the forefront again: at least I have a few things going on forthcoming: Thundering Asteroids! have a CD coming out with a fun release show this Friday November 7th at teh Tonic in Portland with several of our best friend bands: the Decliners, the Googins and the Vacillators.I'm working on my own CD, which is entitled "Interim" and will be pressed as soon as I can get the funds for the replication. (I'm debating trying a pre-sale fundraiser thing...) BUT... enough about me. Today I rode my bike to work and back in the misty rain, I was cold and drippy and made me grumpy and then after a spell I got over it.  I picked up the boys and their respective bikes over at a friends and rode home from there, again through the misty cloudy drippage and was again grumpy and then again was over it. Back to nice cozy house, heat was turned on, dinner was soon made - beef/mushroom with noodles - kids were brushed and inserted into beds after reading a few books. Really digging the ghostly vibe of the kids' choices in literature these days, very in-tune with the season. Happy November 2nd! Tomorrow marks 39 years since my dad died in Crescent City, I always think of him on November 3d. Peace and goodnight,

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