Monday, October 15, 2012

October Blues

My oldest brother used to often say to me, "there are three main things you do: input, output and make money." I feel like I've been spending all my time (at least trying to) make money and inputting; outputting, not so much. So here goes: since re-committing myself to my job, I feel like the music side of my life has slid off the map. I guess that's not entirely true, since I am still setting up shows with the Underlings and making it to band practice once in awhile, but I think in my previous life, I sacrificed my work-side rewards by putting music above my work. and I wasn't necessarily happier, but I somehow carved out my own slacker ethos and allowed my music to rule my worktime, not the other way around. That being said, I'm having fun at my job for the first time in years. I'm assigned with organizing the produce coolers at work, which is kind of a big deal. I also am on the team that is working on configuring the company's Warehouse Management system, which is complicated, frustrating and yet also rewarding. It is fun to work on a team of intelligent people who are dedicated to getting the project off the ground, I often wonder if the whole thing is too far above my head, but I think I am hanging in there. I can't wait until the project is done and I can focus on quietly blending in at work, maybe apply some of my creative skillz to the mix of Organic produce and eccentric personalities. GOOD NEWS: I got a new record player and now my record collection is no longer collecting dust. I am on a mission to listen to every piece of vinyl I have, from Roy Orbison to Kraftwerk, Landspeed Record to In a Silent Way. I am a square - I have had the same mediocre Sony turntable for 10 years. I finally pony'd up and bought a vintage refurbished Dual 1249 turntable; kind of a medium-grade audiofile deck from the late 1970's. Belt driven and good enough for me, I am stoked and we've all been hearing a lot more music around the house. Next step: get some blank cassettes and make some mix tapes for friends. Mebbe X Mas? Happy Rocktober,


dan jones said...

Yep, I can really relate to this!

Mustard Relics said...

Cheers Ed, you had stopped my place so thought I'd catch up at yours. A turntable is a must but I suppose that goes without saying if you own vinyl. Have a good one.