Sunday, January 15, 2012

Man, my brain hurts! I've been goofing around in a great audio program called reaper for about a year now, mainly just "practicing" recording demo songs and band practice, but lately I've been making an effort to really wrap my head around DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) editing techniques. All I can say is - ouch! Maybe if I was 15 again, this whole transition to computer recording wouldn't be so hard. As it is, I now bow down to those whipper snapper kids and adults who have become so good at editing drums and other instruments in the digital domain. I fear I have a deficit of application - it's been so long since I've applied my brain, it doesn't want to flex or learn for NOTHIN'. At least not on my 1/2 hour lunch break at work, and certainly not at 9:30 pm after the kids go down for the night. Writing a song, rehearsing a song, performing or recording a song - all that stuff seems a hell of a lot easier than this quantized editing bullshit. I seriously need to up my geek quotient if I'm going to get with the program. That being said, here is my first, "official", self-recorded album from 1994, "1994 Fuzz Attack," all done on 4-track cassette, of course:

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