Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hey, check out this great compilation of foods and herbs/spices that all have strong cancer-fighting properties:

I wish I had more time to fluch out this post - I'll just try to highlight a few events from recent days:
1. Yay! I'm at work. Why am I happy? Because I have a goddamned job and it ain't so bad.
2. the kids have been cracking me up lately, although Henry has been waging an all-out war against the Christmas tree and train. I think I've used more superglue in the last week than I have all of 2010.
3. I used superglue to fix my torn thumbnail - torn from hastily ripping open a package of Christmas cookies. Bad? Good? Will the superglue give me cancer? I hope not, but I read somewhere that the medical product known as Second Skin, for burns, is basically superglue, so I'm at least happy to not have a chunk of the center of my thumbnail missing.
4. It's my Friday and I'll leave work early if I want to! Because I can.
5. No gigs or practice this weekend, but I'm looking forward to singing a secret song at the Guilty Pleasures event hosted by Dave Snider at Sam Bond's on January 8th. I can't tell you which song I'm doing, but you are going to flip when you hear it. Straight outa 1970's classic easy-rock hit radio, you are going to love my rendition of ________________ by ___ __________!
Okay, enough is enough. I must log out now and go live life. May the force be with you until next time.



mrs random said...

That's one comprehensive list! Thanks for posting the link!

brian said...

thanks for the positive energy and thoughts. its great your lookin out as a new cancer survivor, i appreciate you taking the time to learn about the subject. One thing my oncologists did say was that cannabis has NO curative powers whatever the interweb says,it carries more carcinogens than cigarets and does more damage than smoking cigarets simply because you hold it in your lungs longer. it does help to ease pain and help with appetite. wish i could have used it....

Stevie Ray used to super glue his fingertips back on all the time, cancer never once entered the equation.(ripping your thumb-nail off sounds really painful by the way)

it would be a hoot to make it down to hear you play what ever you are going to play.

Well, I wish you and yours a Great 2011, cause 2010 fukin SUCKED!!

thanks Ed.

brian said...

did you do an Elvis song at sam bonds on the 8th cause it was his birthday? what sone did you do?post a video of it. its killing me.