Thursday, April 01, 2010

I only tend to blog when I have something to write about, which I suppose is better than going on and on about nothing. I enjoy the fact that the blog world seems a little more anonymous in this day and age, due to the popularity of the social network interacting that most internetizens are doing these days. It's nice to know that the pressure is off of bloggers - almost no one gives a shit and that is almost freeing in a way, 'cause writers like me don't have to be as concerned about our grammar or spelling anymore.
One blog I check in with at least once a week is, of course, Mustard Relics. I dig the way my friend Justin peels back the layers of his psyche like an onion and then throws in some choice, usually unheard-of music to boot. Check it out if you're game.
I decided to check out two bands I knew nothing about last night - Dead Meadow and Imaad Wasif. I've heard a few different friends mention Dead Meadow over the last couple of years and I knew they were heavy, Sabbath-esque psychedelic rock. I mainly just wanted to see something out of normal attention-range. I ended up digging Imaad Wasif more - a very slight and skinny dude with big hair, he reminded me of the guitarist from Mars Volta - very able-bodied, almost multi-cultural hard rock guitar. He finger-picked a lot, which provided some nice textures within the heavy psyche-rock mysticism of his songwriting style. He had an ace rhythm section of a bassist and drummer that looked hairy and sounded solid. I might listen to Imaad Wasif in the future. Dead Meadow I could tell had a strong vibe and were a very solid-sounding band, long and heavy song arrangements with sometimes Sabbathy riffs. Too many guitar solos, but I could tell that the kids at the WOW hall were diggin' it hardcore. I'm not really a patient enough music fan - I tend to value short, concise songs with interesting structures more than long, drawn-out drone rawk. After 1/2 and hour, I was ready to go home, but I took some pictures to share with you all:

Imaad Wasif and band

Dead Meadow, rockin' it at WOW hall


brian said...

you paint a mighty picture of both these bands...I will take the time to look them up and listen. You paint Dead Meadow like Sleep rebourne. life is a garden, weasle, dig it!

Mustard Relics said...

Yes, you are sporadic, but it's always a nice surprise when you throw a little bit out there. Thanx for the mention man, I gotta say that even though I do it for myself, it's homies like you coming round that keep me going. Is the Mars Volta any good? Gage was their tour mangaer last year. Thanx again sir.

elliott said...

yeah mr is great. great blog you have.