Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Things are good. Tina is still painting the house and it is looking great in here. Hues of dusty yellow, olive green, light-ish blue and spring green are all around. It is very nice to live inside a color-aquarium.

(Yeltsin rocking Pee-town)
We went up to Portland over the weekend, where Tina was working with her Ovulators on their upcoming CD. The bit I heard was sounding great to my ears; can't wait to hear how it sounds when it becomes a finished product. I spent most of my PDX time hanging out with baby Louis, walking around the neighborhoods of Southeast portland, sipping coffee and taking in the sights sound , smells and SUNLIGHT that happened to touch down upon Oregon that fine two days.
Friday night, I went down to Kelly's Olympian to catch Yeltsin's CD release party. I saw many Eugene and Portland friends. I arrived too late to catch the Tractor Operator set, but people said it went over well. Excellence contains former Eugene Hot For Chocolate bassist Geof Unger and they had a cool, PDX-pop sound with baritone guitar, keys and drums rounding out their lineup.
I really enjoyed Yeltsin's set - really loose and rocking. Jivan was good on the mic, really working the PDX crowd. And a good crowd it was - plenty of Portland folks are hip to our hometown band.

Okay! Off to be useful!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tina is painting the house this week, so shit's all askew. Furniture here, piles of books there - it reminds me of the way I used to live when I was a single man. I much prefer our more common state of ABSOLUTE ORDER around the house. True peace of mind can only enter when all things are in the absolute right place; no stray pins or discarded eyebrow hairs. ORDER! Soon, I will be tranquil again; for now, I am in flux.
The band is still working towards our gaol of finishing our cd by oblique forms of non-action. As the clock of humanity 'clicks' around, all the deeds leading up to our cd release will somehow take care of themselves. Money will appear from somewhere and tasks will be completed. Are we humans really the ones making these actions, or are we only the tools of a giant galactic force that we do not understand? Or, is the desire to create a CD just another step in humanity's compulsory mating ritual ? I guess a hundred years or more ago, a musician would compose a big piece of music instead of making a CD, and thereby be deemed a worthy mate. These days, technology has influenced our behavior to a high degree. cell car without hitting anyone...and go to work. Now.

Monday, April 07, 2008

I have not been 'feeling it' lately. Too much real life stuff going on to feel like rotting my brain in front of www radiation. I think that several others in my blogosphere are in the same state of mind. Myspace is the ultimate time-waster, yet I still login for band stuff and friend communication. I like reading Dan' s and Justin's blogs and I always check out Ken's various pages; that and email are pretty much the extent of my online caring right now.
I was quite saddened this morning to learn that a friend of Tina's, Jessie, a woman we met in our childbirth class, recently suffered the loss of both her baby and her father in a car accident in Idaho. Jessie's baby, Sage. was the same age as Louie and they were friends from baby play dates. Kind of sobering, as it always is when someone you know dies in an untimely way. My heart goes out to Jessie and her husband; no one should have to endure such a harsh loss.