Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Things are good. Tina is still painting the house and it is looking great in here. Hues of dusty yellow, olive green, light-ish blue and spring green are all around. It is very nice to live inside a color-aquarium.

(Yeltsin rocking Pee-town)
We went up to Portland over the weekend, where Tina was working with her Ovulators on their upcoming CD. The bit I heard was sounding great to my ears; can't wait to hear how it sounds when it becomes a finished product. I spent most of my PDX time hanging out with baby Louis, walking around the neighborhoods of Southeast portland, sipping coffee and taking in the sights sound , smells and SUNLIGHT that happened to touch down upon Oregon that fine two days.
Friday night, I went down to Kelly's Olympian to catch Yeltsin's CD release party. I saw many Eugene and Portland friends. I arrived too late to catch the Tractor Operator set, but people said it went over well. Excellence contains former Eugene Hot For Chocolate bassist Geof Unger and they had a cool, PDX-pop sound with baritone guitar, keys and drums rounding out their lineup.
I really enjoyed Yeltsin's set - really loose and rocking. Jivan was good on the mic, really working the PDX crowd. And a good crowd it was - plenty of Portland folks are hip to our hometown band.

Okay! Off to be useful!

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justin said...

Ed, I hadn't heard from you in a while so I thought I would take it upon myself to check in on you. I wanted to toss your salad a little bit and tell you how talented I feel you are. On top of all the other creative things you do, I love your writting. I've known that for a long time, but I enjoy being reminded of that. Anyway...I hope you are enjoying the new sites and smells of your no longer in flux, ordered, domicile. Later bro.