Thursday, June 28, 2007

Whoa! We were taken off guard when Tina went into labor yesterday at 2am. We were expecting to be ready closer to the due date (July 13th) and didn't have our bags packed or anything. It turns out we didn't need too much - just an outfit for the baby and some snacks.
We went into the birth center at 8am and Louis was born at 10:50am, a bouncing baby who came out screaming. Here's the non-explicit photo-link.
We are very pleased to announce...Louis Edward Cole, born June 27th, 2007, 10:50am, 7lbs/2oz

Saturday, June 16, 2007

I went to the John Doe show at Sam Bond's Garage the other night. A night like many others, it blended into many other similar moments from the past of Sam Bondage. How many times to you get to see one of your favorite rock heroes play an intimate show - in a half-filled room, no less - and it just blows you away in a wonderful way? I liked all of his material, but "White Girl" and "New World" drew the loudest applause. Check out this clip of 'white girl':

John Doe at Sam Bond's Garage 6/14/07 from Ed Cole on Vimeo
Just another wonderful night at the Bond's.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I had a great time at Dan Jones the Squids CD release show at Sam Bonds on Friday. All the bands were great. Chance Became Fate were new to me and I liked them very much - they had sonic elements that put them in the Sugar/Husker Du/Hard, Pop mode.
I enjoyed playing a short set of favorites with the Squids - Now I Wanna Be Your Dog was awesome & some old Activator-related tunes came out energized as well.

Here are some clips I took of Touchforce and Chance Became fate:

Touchforce 6-1-07 from Ed Cole on Vimeo

Chance Became Fate / Sam Bond's Garage 6-1-07 from Ed Cole on Vimeo