Thursday, June 28, 2007

Whoa! We were taken off guard when Tina went into labor yesterday at 2am. We were expecting to be ready closer to the due date (July 13th) and didn't have our bags packed or anything. It turns out we didn't need too much - just an outfit for the baby and some snacks.
We went into the birth center at 8am and Louis was born at 10:50am, a bouncing baby who came out screaming. Here's the non-explicit photo-link.
We are very pleased to announce...Louis Edward Cole, born June 27th, 2007, 10:50am, 7lbs/2oz


Mr. Random said...

Congratulations you guys!!!
Love Love Love,
Mr. Random

mrs random said...

Welcome and happy birthday, Louis! He's an early bird! Congratulations, Ed & Tina!

mickey said...

Hip, Hip, Hooray for Louis!

You two have made us SO proud!


Mickey & Sassy

RK said...

Way to get the job done under budget, Tina!!!
Congratulations and welcome to the world of humanoids, Louis.
Call if I can help in any way.

1-12-6-7 said...

Congrats guys!

slumbering said...

Congrats, everyone! What a lucky baby! :)

Neva said...

So, I thought I'd check your blog since it's been ages and what do I see?? My new nephew!! Talk about a nice surprise. Apparently I missed mom's "Give me a call" message. Thank the stars for a quick delivery and
healthy baby boy. Tina looks great!
And Louis looks like Ed already! And
all that hair!!

Lots of love to everyone,


kelley said...

yay! congats!