Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Life is a blast. I like to have a good time, all the time.

Last weekend, we had Mr. and Mrs. Random and Dawn Baby and Zookie over for a lovely dinner on Saturday night. I had to leave early for my gig down at Luckey's, which was a fun evening of rock. We played with the thick-sounding Filthiest People Alive (pop songs with a hard, dual-guitar attack, keys and technical drums), and a side-project band of theirs called Hand Held, which was just keys, bass and drums. Sorely missed was Chance Became Fate, a band I've wanted to share a bill with for quite some months now, who had to cancel due to a family death. Please accept my condolences on the loss. Hopefully, we'll get to share a bill in the near future.
Other than reading friend's blogs and spending what time I do have on working, hanging out with loved ones, practicing with the Underlings and untangling Christmas lights, I really haven't been doing much. Next time you see me, poke me and then tell me to work harder, shut up and quit complaining.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Ed, Justin here. Thanx for the link to my blog. I am supposed to be working right n ow but instead I'm reading your blog. I left a comment on your Stranger In A Strange Land post. Reading your blog is giving me a chance to catch up on Ed. I dig the Underlings. Later.