Sunday, October 14, 2007

Slow-motion fall is taking over - or is it fast-motion? Everything is a blur of warmth and goodness lately. My band had a great show last week at Luckey's with Hot For Chocolate and Swallows from PDX, probably our most solid and inspired appearance to date. The other bands were great and made for an evening of coolness.
Baby Louis is a real bag of baby-fun. I love chillin' with the little guy, reading him passages out of the Hobbit and changing his clothes. Babies rule because, as a rule, babies are temporary. After awhile, they learn how to walk, talk, change their own clothes and feed themselves. You learn to appreciate the little suckers for just being wonderful blobs of humanity; little creatures that are the exact opposite of evil. Babies are our only hope! We must focus on raising our future world-saviors to take good care of us in our old age. Unite For the Defense of Babies (as an institution)(or, "UFDB", as I like to say.)
Cosmo is almost 15, what a trip! The kid is going to be driving and then going to college before I know it. It's strange to think about my children-units growing up and moving away; kind of like a "changing of the guard", as one grows up, the other is going out into the world. Very exciting to see my little humanoids in their little spheres, doing their things.
In the meantime, Tina and I are also "doing our things", playing gigs with our respective bands and trying not to forget to have a good time together before we die. Yay! Everything is groovy! Work for peace! Be your own Yoko Ono! Life is beautiful, so why not eat health food?

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