Friday, April 20, 2007

Werk has been all-consuming lately. I know it is oh-so-common to say so, but at this stage of my life, I've been hurling myself into my job, few complaints necessary, in order to earn the almighty paycheck. Someday - mark my words - I will not be the typical, broke-as-a-motherfucker Eugene musician that I am at the present. All told, though,I realize that I actually like my job and love all of my comrades at the vegetable warehouse. There ain't a bunch of guys and gals I'd rather spend my time with while lifting box after box of spuds, bananas, broccoli or whatever while I nearly get run down by a forklift. It's always helpful to have somebody around to call 911 for vegetable-related injuries.
Years ago, during my first stint at OGC, one of my first Eugene bands, Tulip, actually practiced in the warehouse late at night when all operations had ceased. We'd crank up the amps by a stack of pallets and bash away into the night, occasionally shocking a delivering farmer or two. Now, with my current band having it's practice space converted into a baby room, I may be back to jamming amongst the vegetables again. Perhaps the frequencies will help the bananas and avocados ripen properly...C# diminished, please...Krrraaaannnnngggggg!!!!!

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Toby said...

Ed: Hi! Baby? Jeez, I am out of touch. What's yer email these days?