Saturday, September 24, 2005

Short Blog - quick blog -

Michael McKinnon posts some nice pictures of the harvest Moon, as seen from my home town of Crescent City.

Went to Guitar Center with Cosmo yesterday and picked up some much-needed drum heads (on sale no less). We'll get not much use out of them today though, since we agreed to not sonically intrude on our upstairs neighbor on Saturdays. Are not we nice? I thought we were, anyway.

Had a root canal on a molar on Thursday. Started the appointment thinking to myself about the old Bill Cosby routine about the dentist ...also thinking of those who have died from dental procedures gone awry. I hate going to the dentist, but at this stage of my mouth's life, it is unavoidable that I will be come very close with my dentist's office over the next 6 months.

No gigs at all for the Pinkies - we haven't even practiced since our last show in early September. It's hard to get my band mojo up and running these days ... it's not that I mind playing late-night shows in half-empty bars for little or no pay; I just can't seem to muster the energy to care as much as I used to about putting the whole shebang together. Maybe all these little and not-so-little glimpses of Human tragedy in New Orleans and on the gulf coast are wearing me down, making clear the futility of existence. Then again, maybe I'll pull out of my R 'n' R slump and get back rocking soon.

Yay! It's Saturday!

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