Sunday, April 03, 2005

Greetings, people!

I haven't been online much lately, due to actually having a real life to focus on. Here's the Ed Cole low-down for April 3, 2005:

I've been writing and completing a nice new batch of tunes for my as-yet-still-imaginary new band. Kinda in the upbeat/poppy/pervy/lovesong/the-world's-coming-to-an-end/Ramones/Dickies/drum-machine & guitar territory at the present. It's nice to actually be finishing some tunes after having had a creative sabbatical of sorts while sorting out selling my house and some other things.

Cosmo had his first Babe Ruth baseball game yesterday. He plays on the Pleasant Hill Billies. Ha ha at least those folks out in the sticks have a sense of humor. A fine game, they won over Springfield and play Shelbyville next week.
Last Night was also Ovulators and Velvet Trap at Sam's Place, the newest lesbian bar in Eugene. The show had the chaotic feel of a venue putting on a show for the first time - confusion about guest lists, late, late, LATE start times, bad PA system, lack of organization. Still, a pretty fun scene with many friends and regulars in attendence. I had a great time talking to my friend Sebastiane, whom I hadn't seen for some time. Her wife, Ana played drums in VElvet Trap, who kicked ass with their 4 song set. Maybe they'd consent to letting me record them? Dunno, but way hard rockin' in the L7/Bikinikill/7 year Bitch style; very raw yet tight and pummeling bass lines with throaty vocals. Good shit, maynard.
Ov's had a good set; they dressed as boys and played as 'The Ejaculators' for April Fools day. Again, loud, soothing and good.
Friday night at the Daddies/Yeltsin show, Cos and I wandered in for a bit of sound and people-meeting. HE mainly hung out with his friend, Josie. I met habitual Daddies fan Beth-from-Wisconsin, who I knew from exchanges of email regarding White Hot Odyssey and Daddies factoids. Much nicer to meet folks in person than via computer screen. Beth, thanks for the Killdozer video - nice to have a record of one of my favorite bands at an 80's bar show. Funny how things haven't changed much for bands playing in bars since then.
For anyone who doesn't know, Tina and I are engaged and gonna marry the hell out of each other in about 14 months, so stay tuned for events as they unfold!

Must go rock now.

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