Sunday, November 22, 2009

I've recently considered writing a book on procrastination, but I found myself stalled at the first paragraph. Went to make some coffee, put on a record, went to work for a couple of weeks, caused a couple of pregnancies and now here I am, back at square one, so I'll blog about a show I saw last night at the Oak St Speakeasy in Eugene.
I'm a fan of Testface, basically my friend Dave Snider and a revolving cast of players over the years. Last night was a great line up of Dave on bass + singing, local guitar hero Jake Pavlak from Yeltsin on guitar and a good drummer I am not familiar with named Rob I think. Moody indie-flavored rock with soft and loud parts and Dave's understated vocals and trippy lyrics is how I would describe it. Worth checking out. I seen 'em many times, in large and small configurations, but last night was a good show; good crowd, too - about 75-80 people by my count. I only notice because the Underlings struggle to bring folks down every time we play and we've only had good crowds at the Speakeasy a few times, but 75 people seems to fill the room nicely.
Next up was Ape Machine from Portland. I seem to recall that they once contacted us about doing a show together, which didn't happen due to schedule conflict at the time, but I would definitely play with them sometime. Total classic rock in the Sabbath/Zeppelin realm, but they did it well and the singer looked like an Ozzy-head I used to know in high school. Stoner rock with great 70's guitar sounds and a bashing, Bohnam-esque drummer. Also comparable to Pearls and Brass. We stayed for about half their set and then headed home, Tina and I, since I'm feeling old and she is feeling 8 1/2 months pregnant.

alright, talk at you cATS later,