Monday, February 09, 2009

Yesterday was the Eugene Record Convention at the Eugene Hilton, an event I prefer not to miss. I made it this year and it was totally rad. The vibe was right and the tables seemed to be teaming with cool albums, spilling out in piles of faded, thrift store covers, musty smell and all. Some dude selling dvds in the back was blasting horrible music - Skynyrd, Allman Bros, Cream - stuff that was annoying to most passers by, who were trying to peruse their punk, jazz, rockabilly and country without the benefit of too-loud, over-played classic rock. That aside, I scored some good records this year without going over my meager$60 budget:

1. Stooges, Raw Power; an absolute classic, in really nice condition. I'm sowly replacing my Stooges cds with lps. @ down, 1 to go.
2. The Dictators, Bloodbrothers; I've never owned any Dictators, so this is my start. Haven't played it yet - I'll wait until after work tonight.
3. Dickies, Dawn of the Dickies; this one already put me in a good mood for the day.
4. The Sonics, Original Northwest Punk lp; I love the Sonics when I need some raw-ness in my ears.
5.Out of Sight comp on Pickwick records, a $1 score. It features an early Lou Reed song, Cycle Annie.
6.Phil Lynott, Solo in Soho ; a gift from Scottk (Thanks!)I've been told this album is hit-and-miss, but I dig the song Ode to a Black Man.

That's it! I'm off to work.