Saturday, July 07, 2007

King Louis had his first bath today. The kid has been hanging in there for a multitude of new experiences. Yesterday, I held him in the sprinkler for a moment in the peak heat of the day. He didn't like that as much as he did his nice, gentle bath. So it ain't a bowl of roses, Louis!
I'm pretty excited to hav a day off. This was a brutal work week. I wish I'd had a few more days (or weeks) of vacation leave so I could stay at home longer after the birth of the kidd, but that wasn't in my lucky stars. Although my world is exciting and exploding with hot, summertime action, I am looking forward to the quiet, winter months ahead, when I'll have more time to sit around, write songs and bounce my little one on my beer belly more often.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The baby is now a week old. Things are going great. Little Louis has been nursing, peeing, pooping and crying; all the things a little baby should do. I am constantly reminded of that one Talking Heads song about the baby, ya know, the one that was a hit in 1985?
Here's a secret video of Kelani's new song:

KelaniSong1 from Ed Cole and Vimeo.