Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Hey Hey, We're the LAME-WADS

I had the idea of naming a band the Lame-wads. I figured if most music fans are listening to too much lame-wad music, and many of those fans would also unintentionally fall into the lame-wad category, so why not a band for these people? Why not a band for all the lame-wads in the world? Hunh? How about it?

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Boy, am I glad that it is January the third. Holidays - over! Time to relax. I did score some really cool things for X-mas -Tina got me a delay pedal, and a hat, and Cosmo gave me a cd of Van Halen 1 , so I came away stoked. Very grateful.
New Year's was restful this year - no major partying at all. Cosmo had a ripped tongue (!), due to maybe coughing so much from his chest-cold, so we was just hanging out, recuperating from life and the various wounds it brings.
I'm working at getting the Pinkies back on track for some gigs here real soon - so stay tuned.