Wednesday, May 21, 2008

When I was a kid, I stayed over at my friend Bar's house a lot. Bar had a big family with lots of older and younger siblings, so it was a real zoo - people always stealing each others socks and constantly walking in on each other while in the bathroom. I was basically an only child, since most of my sibings head left the house by the time I was ten, and I loved the chaos that happened at my surrogate family's house.
One thing I remember about staying over at Bar's was the breakfast cereal. Food was at a premium for his brood, and if you ever had anything good to eat, you had better eat it before anyone else got to it. Breakfast cereal was at the top of the food chain, and on top of all cereals was Ohs!, the crunchy sugary prince of cereals. Bar used to hide his box of Ohs! from the rest of his family, but if I was lucky, he would share them with me, subsequently stashing the box from the prying eyes and fingers of the less fortunate members of clan McKinnon.
So, you must understand how I felt when Tina came home with a box of Ohs! a few weeks ago. I felt like pouring myself a huge bowl and locking myself in the closet, where passers by would wonder what the hell all the crunching was about.